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Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is putting its heart and soul into the development of JY-C01, a new anti-cancer drug , with the team of Professor Park Chan hyeong working at the center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, Int'l., Inc. in the United States. This study has clarified that the growth of leukemic cells can be greatly influenced by a specific substance. It is also of much significance from the point of view that a lot of patients can be helped thanks to the development of a treatment method making use of a specific substance and JY-C01, a new anti-cancer drug making use of a specific substance, is a therapy method developed for the first time by Koreans.

We are sure that many patients with cancer will be helped by the research and development of JY-C01 that makes use of a specific substance . It is very worthy because, for an individual patient, health determines the quality of life.
Another important thing is that these kinds of cancers influenced by a specific substance include multiple myeloma, sarcoma, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, etc. as well as leukemia and myelo dysplastic syndrome similar to the former. It is expected that this can be applied to all kinds of malignant tumors if the research is expanded in the future.