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Date Title
1999. 06 Method of solubilization of nitrendipine, solubilized composition and soft-capsule containing the same
2001. 02 Mixing method of composition containing doxylamine succinate and soft capsule preparation containing the composition
2001. 07 Soft capsule containing Asiasari Radix extract
2001. 09 Development of dried syrup containing ribavirin
2001. 12 Development of dried syrup agent and solution mixed with sobrerol and acetaminophen
2002. 12 Schizandrae fructus Extract having maximalschizandrin, extracting method thereof and softcapsule comprising the Schizandrae fructus extract asmain ingredient
2003. 02 Depletion Method of Blood Plasma Ascorbate
2003. 06 A new rebamipide lysinate, rebamipide argininate andpharmaceutical preparation containing the same as active substance
Date Title Patent No.
2000.08.31 Flurbiprofen 1,4-butanediol ester having effect for inhibition of aggregation of platelet 0272897
2001.06.19 Efficacy evaluation and design of a dried syrup of acyclovir 0300611
2002.12.13 Miscible composition containing extract of black cohosh 0366233
2004.11.30 Ibuprofen alkandiol ester and their preparations containing them 0460567
2005.11.24 Composition for treating obesity and constipation containing extract of pine needle, green tea and black tea as an active ingredient 0532556
2007.01.17 A new aceclofenac amino acid salt and pharmaceutical preparation containing the same as active substance 0673508