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+ Location : 649-3 Choji-dong, Ansan-si, Kyunggi-do,
+ Location : Korea
+ Established date : August 11, 1993
Jin Yang Pharm. Research Institute (authorized by the
Ministry of Science & Technology in 1993) pursuing the
improvement of human health, happy life and disease-free
world, recognizes 21st century as the restorationperiod of BT(Biological Technology) and ET(Environment Technology) industries, copes with various diseases that increase with the diversification of mankind and is doing vigorous research activities through the training of professional researchers, securing of research facilities, industry-university research consortium and the participation in the research business of the government with the purpose of researching and developing advanced pharmaceutical technology and prophylactic and therapeutic agents suitable for the tendency of internationalization to create research environment for such R&D.
Jin yang Pharm. Research Institute is established in 1993, which is consited of 3 parts; new medicine research part, product research part, synthetic research part.
The Research Institute has carried out many researches and developments; the medical action and effect of 1,4-FBP(analgesic and antiphlogistic), synthesis of JY0107(muscle relaxant), new type drug of acyclovir(antivirus), etc.

The Researches are carried out with Universities(Sungkunkwan univer sity, Kyungwon University).