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Subject An alternative to treat menopausal complaints.
Author Stolze H
Source Gynecology 1982;1:14~16, USA
Subject Menopause symptoms: Success without hormones.
Author Daiber W.
Source Arztliche Praxis, 1983;35:1946-1947, Germany
Subject Phytotherapy influences atrophic vaginal epithelium.
Author Stoll W.
Source Therapeuticon. 1987;1:23~31, USA
Subject Studies on the endocrine effects of Cimicifuga racemosa Influence on the serum concentration of pituitary hormones in ovariectomized rats.
Author H. Jarry and G. Harnischfeher
Source Zent. bl. Gynakol. 110(1988)611-618, Germany
Subject Is it possible to switch from hormone treatment to a botanical gynecologicum?
Author Petho A.
Source Arztliche Praxis. 1987;47:1551-1553, Germany
Subject Effects of Cimicifuga rhizoma on serum calcium and phosphate levels in low calcium dietary rats and on bone mineral density in ovariectomized rats.
Author Li JX, Kadota S, Li HY, Miyahara Wu TYW, Seto H, Namba T
Source Phytomedicine. 1996/97;3(4):379-385, German
Subject Clinical and endocrinologic studies of the treatment of ovarian insufficiency manifestations following hysterectomy with intact adnexa.
Author Lehmann-Willenbrock E, Riedel HH
Source Zent. bl. Gynakol. 110(1988):611-618, Germany