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  2008.11.12    Acquisition of 'Certificate of a KGSP Qualified Company'.
2008.09.04    Acquisition of 'Pharmaceutical Wholesale license'.
2008.02.22    Participation in Paid-in capital increase of 'Won-Ju Enterprise City'
  2007.03.29    Inauguration of President & CEO Jae-Joon, Choi
  2006.10.26    Acquisition of 'Import license of Medical device'
2006.06.23    Acquisition of 'Health Supplement Food Import license' & 'Health Supplement Food
2000.08.31    Sales license'
2006.01.24    Anti-leukemia treatment, United States patent acquisition.
2000.08.31    [Title : Depletion Method of Blood Plasma Ascorbate (US 6,989,143 B1)]
  2005.11.21    Contract US$ 5,000,000 Export sales contract with ‘Hainan Yangpu Pharmaceutical
2000.08.31    Co., China’
2005.10.13    Paid-in capital increase 2,000,000 shares (Total capital \ 6,000,000,000)
2005.08.31    Invest to 'Nano-bio New drug development Project' subjected by College of
2000.08.31    Pharmacy, SEOUL National University.
2005.07.11    Entering into 'Biotechnology Industry' - Invest \1,002,750,000 to 'Mgenbio Co.'
2000.08.31    (10.24% of total shares acquired)
2005.04.25    Share split & 20% cash dividend paid

2004.08.25    Research findings in 'Anti-leukemia treatment project' published in the
2000.08.31    "Cellular Signalling17(2005) 111-119" (Title : Activation of Raf1 and the ERK
2000.08.31    pathway in response to L-ascorbic acid in acute myeloid leukemia cells)
2004.07.28    Anti-leukemia treatment, European patent acquisition.
2000.08.31    [Title : Depletion Metohd of Blood Plasma Ascorbate (EP 1278536)]
2004.04.15    Research findings in 'Anti-leukemia treatment project' published in the
2000.08.31    "The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 36 (2004) 2180-2195"
2000.08.31    (Title : L-Ascorbic acid induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells
2000.08.31    via hydrogen peroxide-meidated mechanisms)
2004.03.01    Research findings from Anti-leukemia agent project, published in the
2000.08.31    "Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 93:257-270 (2004)"(Title : L-Ascorbic
2000.08.31    Acid Represses Constitutive Activation of NF-kB and COX-2 Expression
2000.08.31    in Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia,HL-60)

  2003.09.24    Extended Factory. (Total : 6,182m²)
2003.05.20    Paid-in capital increase 160,000 shares, Free issue of new shares 200,000 shares.
  2002.12.23    Contract with Samsung hospital for development of Anti-leukemia treatment.
2002.12.01    Moved Main Office to 1532-9, Seocho 3-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul.
2002.02.07    Contract with Bioobesity co. Ltd for development of Antiobesity agent.
  2001.08.31    Contract with Dr. C. H. Park for development of Anticancer agent.
2001.06.19    Patent registration (Acyclovir dry syrup-commodity name : Jinacid dry syrup).
2001.03.16    Business purpose addition (Venture business related Bioengineering)registry.
  2000.08.31    Patent registration : Flurbiprofen 1,4-butanediol ester having effect for inhibition of
2000.08.31    aggregation of platelet (patent No. 0272897).
2000.08.01    Became a member of KOSDAQ registration commpany's association.
2000.07.27    Started KOSDAQ trading.
2000.07.24    Registered in the Korea Securities Dealers Association.
2000.03.08    Become a member of the corporation registered in Financial Supervisory Service.
2000.02.21    Become a member of KPTA (Korea Pharmaceutical Traders 2000.02. 21 Association).
2000.02.21    Established the sisterhood relationship with Patent examiner.
  1999.06.23    Completed Y2K prevention.
1998.12.20    Selected as a partner of the technical innovation of the small and medium industry.
1998.10.23    Awarded the Kyunggi province governor prize at SANHAKYON(Industry ㆍUniversityㆍ
1998.10.23    Research Iustitute Consortium of Research) contest.
1997.01.13    Became a member of the Korea International Trade.
1995.11.27    Designated as exceptional company for military service.
1993.08.25    Approved research institute.
1991.05.13    Approved KGMP(the Good Pharmaceutical Manufacuring Practice in Korea)
1991.05.13    for the plant. (No 65)
  1987.12.01    Installed ointment manufacturing machine.
1987.01.20    Moved Head office into Seocho-dong.
1986.06.01    Moved the plant into Banwol industrial area.
1986.05.30    Started construction of Head office in Seocho-dong.
1985.12.23    Completed GMP plant in Banwol industrial area.
1984.08.16    Secured the location for the plant site in Banwol industrial area.
1983.12.08    Chosen as a promising company by the Small and Medium Industry Promotion
1983.12.08    Corporation.
1983.09.19    Chosen as a qualified company by the Industrial Bank of Korea.
  1978.06.07    Renamed to Jin Yang Pharm. Co., Ltd
1974.02.07    Become a member of Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.
1971.07.01    Established as Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Industrial Company.