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Welcome and thank you for your visiting our website.
We thank our clients for always being willing to give support to our company, Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., with all the affection and interest.

Our company, Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., was established in 1971 and has been staying ahead of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea with our full automatic production system in the most modern and up-to-date plant and by being designated as a company conforming to KGMP (Korea Good Manufact_
ur ing Practice). We have also been leading the development of the pharmac_
eut ical industry in Korea through cooperation with the world's premier pharm_
aceutical companies. In July 2000 our company joined in the Kosdaq Listed Companies Association so that we laid the groundwork for the more stable company, and furthermore, one of the most excellent companies in the 21st century.

For more than forty years, based on the principle of honesty and sincerity, all the staffs and employees of our company has been putting all their efforts into building a better world with the aim of developing good quality drugs for health and happy life of the people and with the faith of managing the company in a profound respect for humanity. We promise to be a company that keeps on doing research and development for the improvement of life quality of the people and clients can give their confidence to our company. We will contri_
bute to healthy life of the people by bending over backwards to help you not to lose your healthy body and happy life.

We truly appreciate your continuing interest in and affection for our company.